Our case good ranges will complete your Bedroom in style.

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 Messmate Case Goods featuring Metal Leg
 Bedside Table : Approx W600 H570 D420
 Tallboy: Approx W950 H1240 D450             Colour: Clear


 Rustic Pine Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W600 H600 D420
 Tallboy: Approx W950 H1200 D420
 Dresser: Approx W1350 H1780 D420      
 Colour: Rustic Nutmeg Finish

 American Oak and Veneer Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W500 H560 D400
 Tallboy: Approx W800 H1090 D400       Colour: Natural

 Pine Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W420 H640 D400
 Tallboy:  Approx W900 H1100 D400     Colour: Blackwood Stain

 White MDF Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W500 H600 D380
 Tallboy:  Approx W900 H1050 D430 
 Colour: Matt White

 Messmate Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W550 H600 D420
 Tallboy: Approx W960 H1220 D460    Colour: Clear

 Pine Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W550 H650 D400
 Tallboy: Approx W900 H1050 D420             
 Colour: Nutmeg Stain


 American Oak and Veneer Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W600 H550 D400
 Tallboy: Approx W950 H1100 D450           Colour: Natural


 Pine Case Goods
 11 Drawer Chest : Approx W1200 H1200 D400
 Lingerie:  Approx W600 H1200 D400
 Dresser: Approx W1300 H1700 D400        Colour: Blackwood Stain

 White MDF Dresser
 Dresser: Approx W1300 H1700 D430
 Colour: Matt White


 Rough Sawn Pine Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W530 H635 D450
 Dresser: Approx W1400 H2000 D450
 Wardrobe: Approx W1180 H2050 D600          
 Colour: Rough Sawn Baltic
 White MDF Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W500 H600 D400
 Tallboy: Approx W900 H1050 D430          Colour: Matt White

 Pine Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W430 H600 D360
 7 Drawer Chest:  Approx W1400 H800 D400
 Colour: Blackwood Stain

 Pine Case Goods
 Bedside Table : Approx W600 H570 D400
 Tallboy: Approx W1300 H1700 D400
 Colour: Chocolate Stain

 Pine Dresser
 Dresser: Approx W1300 H1700 D400
 Colour: Chocolate Stain